BMW 7 Series


Abu Dhabi Motors, the authorized importer of BMW Group vehicles in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, is offering a promotion on BMW vehicles to holders of Abu Dhabi Golden Visas as a token of appreciation.

Abu Dhabi Motors has been deemed the highest-rated BMW importer in terms of customer satisfaction within the UAE due to our exceptional service standards. Our vehicles are outfitted with the most advanced options for optimal safety, opulence, and resale value. We are the foremost purveyors of BMWs in the Middle East, as we customarily cater to our clients' needs and strive to minimize the costs associated with maintaining their vehicles. Our customer processes have earned us the prestigious BMW Global Award for "Leadership in Luxury Class," as they are world-renowned for their convenience and transparency.

Our Golden Visa offer for 2023 will be as follows:

• Complimentary G Technic Crystal-Serum Ceramic Protection Package valued at AED 5,250.00

• Complimentary Window Tint Silver Package valued at AED 1,575.00

Terms and conditions may apply.

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THE X5 A NEW BREED OF GRANDEUR. The BMW X5 design makes a powerful statement. The enlarged one-piece kidney grille, which has a hexagonal design, is paired with a sculptured bonnet, and gives the iconic front a new lease of life. Other standout features include the short overhang, a compact wheelbase, and a noticeably more upright appearance. And when combined with the elegant roofline, it’s grandeur and sportiness is in perfect harmony.