A poised and powerful tribute to the union - The X7 UAE 50th Year Edition

HANDCRAFTED INSIGNIA Inscribed on the dashboard are the words ‘UAE 50 years, 1 of 50’, reminding you of this extraordinary legacy. Exuding luxury and sophistication, this insignia is the crowning jewel of The X7 UAE 50th year edition.
FROZEN BRILLIANT WHITE METALLIC FINISH The X7 UAE 50th Year edition flaunts a colour that’s truly bespoke - crafted especially to commemorate this momentous occasion. Named ‘Frozen Brilliant White Metallic’, this shade is omnipresent in the UAE’s cultural motifs.
SPECIALLY FORMULATED FRAGRANCE The UAE is synonymous with tantalizing fragrances. The X7 UAE 50th Year Edition comes with an Amberblack Suite Scent - a specially formulated car fragrance that takes your senses on a journey that’s unmistakably UAE.
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